Core Values

Rice Lake Baptist Church Core Values

We value BIBLICAL AUTHORITY. II Timothy 3:15-17

Therefore, all that we think and do for faith and practice (any ministry, any decision, any counsel, every belief – as a church, as an individual believer) is under the absolute authority of and in complete submission to Scripture.

We value BIBLICAL UNDERSTANDING. Psalm 119:9-16

Since the Bible is our absolute authority for all that we believe and all that we do, it is vital that every person is diligently taught the Bible. Thus each individual believer must strive to know Scripture fully, also.

We value WORSHIP. Psalm 29:2

The God of Scripture – God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit – is worthy of and thus our focus of all praise, honor, thanksgiving, and adoration.

We value ENCOURAGEMENT. Romans 15:2

Each believer is part if the family of God so we are united one to another. It is vital that each person is encouraged in his daily walk with the Lord to that we can give our best for Him in attitude as well as deed.

We value FELLOWSHIP. Hebrews 10:24 & 25

As a family we delight in and need time to enjoy and build up each other usually in more informal settings.

We value PRAYER. Psalm 116:1 & 2

When we pray, we talk to God. Through prayer, we seek His blessing and His enabling; we also recognize our complete dependance upon Him to build up our lives as He builds His church here.

We value a HUMBLE, OBEDIENT SPIRIT. Philippians 2:2-5; Romans 12:3

God delights in those that come to Him in humility. Obedience enables every believer to live his life in a way that pleases God. God seeks out servants to do His work.

We value COMMITTED DISCIPLES. I Kings 8:61

God asks that we give Him our best, our all, as His people. We desire to build up disciples that are fully committed to honoring, obeying, and serving the Savior in their lives.

We value STEWARDSHIP. II Corinthians 9:6-8

Everything God entrusts to us as a church and as individual believers is just that – entrusted. He holds us accountable to utilize everything wisely, with the best priorities, and for His glory. This includes, as individuals, giving of our time, our abilities, and our resources to advance His kingdom.

We value INTEGRITY. Psalm 19:14

All that we say and do as a church body and as individual believers is guided by Biblical authority and Biblical understanding as a testimony to the honest, godly loves our Lord requires of us.

We value WORLD MISSIONS. I Corinthians 15:1-4; Matthew 28:19 & 20; Acts 1:8

Our responsibility is to proclaim the Gospel to every person – our first priority and involvement is within our local community but we wish to have significant participation in this endeavor worldwide as well.